Diomedes island Palagruža

Palagruža is one of the mythical places on the Mediterranean, furthest island in Vis archipelago rich in fish and capares

There is a legend related to Palagruža, as Diomedes, king of Argos is buried on the island. Even though this legend seems impossible, there have been findings that can prove the story, such as remainings of vases with the Greek inscription of the name Diomedes.

According to church records, Pope Alexander III was on Palagruža on Ash Wednesday, March 9th, 1177. While traveling with his fleet of ten galleys, he was impressed with the archipelago’s beauty and decided to make a stop. He was served dinner on a small plateau.

Day trip from Komiža or a few days stay at light house with lighthouse keeper it is up to you. You can join fishermen in the early morning when nets are pulled out of the sea – a unique experience.

The underwaters of Palagruža are ideal for divers. Divers can see many fish that can rarely be found in other parts of the Adriatic such as the Mediterranean morays, laying their eggs outside of caves, groups of some young lobsters hiding in the rock cracks.

This island is lonely and mysterious and it awaits You to discover its many secrets! Do you dare?

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